We’ve got together the original team that brought you Mineapoc to re-create an authentic Mineapoc experience, Fatnoob, Long_Cat, and Jackmcclare. That’s right you heard correctly, Mineapoc is currently being re-built for release later this year or early next year (depending on how smoothly things go!) We’re super excited to reunite survivors of the Apocalypse and new faces to our modern, updated, and reimagined version of Mineapoc.

Some of our most hardcore fans over the years have reached out to us and asked when Mineapoc might return, reminiscing about the past fun they had on the server during their childhood or early teens. We hear you and we want to make this experience everything you remember and more.

Support us on Patreon

We’re not ready to get people on the server, or re-open a discord and commit to daily communication but we have created a Patreon account to share weekly updates (In the form of written posts, screenshots, sneak previews of systems, story, and videos) to those who want to support us throughout the re-build. We don’t expect people to, but any support is appreciated and goes a long way we can increase our server capacity, we can purchase premium plugins, we can hire permanent developers, etc.